Lab Posters

Dear Science Teacher,

Are you tired of looking at the same lab report in the same format year after year? Wouldn't it be great if students could give the same information in a more appealing way?

When I consider all of the conferences I have attended where research is being presented, it is never presented in the form of a lab report. It is presented as a lab poster. Isn't it just as important for students to know how to create a lab poster as it is for them to write a lab report?

The lab posters I have had my students create have all of the same information that I would expect a lab report to have. Students are presenting the same information, but in a format that they find much less intimidating. Students also enjoy being able to add pictures from their experiment and showcase their creative side. I have found that at any given time there are close to thirty cameras in my classroom. I allow students to use their phones to take pictures of experiments. It makes my day when I hear parents and other students talking about the photos they saw from an experiment in my classroom.

The lab posters below were all created using PowerPoint. There are many sites available where templates can be downloaded for research posters. The one I use is Once a template is downloaded, students can personalize it with different fonts and colors. 

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