QR Codes in the Classroom

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Quick Response (QR) Codes can be a powerful tool to use in your classroom. Any mobile device with a camera can be used to scan the code by downloading a QR Code Reader.

QR Codes can be used to direct people to a website or to send a short message. There are countless websites available to generate QR Codes. The one I use most frequently is www.qrstuff.com. This site allows you to change the color of your code and even embed a picture into the code.

These can be used to turn a normal lesson into something that feels more like a game to our tech savvy students. I have found that even when technology is not available through my school, I can still use QR Codes because most of my students have smart phones. Here are a few ways I have integrated QR Codes in my classroom:

Use the projector to send students to a website.

Enlarging a QR Code and putting it on a projector is the fastest way to get all of your students to the correct website. Most QR Code generators offer you the option of shortening a URL. This removes clutter from the code and makes it easier to scan from a distance. 

Put questions around the room.

QR Codes can be used to save text as well as websites. Rather than putting questions on a worksheet, put them around the room in the form of QR Codes. This gives students the opportunity to move around while still getting the practice they need.

Set up a scavenger hunt.

Use QR codes to lead students in a scavenger hunt around your classroom. At each location, place a QR Code with a link to a website of where to get information about a topic. Place a second QR Code with a clue to lead them to the next location.

Save hints for an activity.

Give students the option of scanning a QR Code when they get stuck in an activity. The code could contain a hint for how to proceed. This works best when you limit the number of hints they may use.

Have students create a webquest.

Give students a list of objectives and have them put together resources about that objective. They can create a QR Code for each of their resources. Students could swap codes or put together a class set to be used as a review.

Your turn.

How are you using QR Codes in your classroom? Reply with a comment to share.

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