Efolios For Education

I recently attended a great workshop about electronic portfolios for students. The speaker, Abbey Wood, is a science teacher in North Carolina. Her students create an electronic portfolio that demonstrates their understanding of each of the big ideas in her curriculum.

Ms. Wood put together a website that is an excellent resource for teachers interested in electronic portfolios. The Investigation section of her website has links to a series of videos she created that will take you step by step through the process of setting up an electronic portfolio. Her portfolios are made using Google Sites. There is also a self assessment you can take to determine how proficient you are with Google Sites. Your score on the self assessment will help you determine which video you should start with. Brilliant!

I am planning to use this with my AP Chemistry class this semester. I created a template that covers all of the Enduring Understandings in the AP Chemistry curriculum. For each Enduring Understanding, students will:
  • Write an overview.
  • Write a reflection about a misconception they had prior to learning the concept.
  • Post an artifact about the concept.
  • Provide the link to a tutorial about the concept. 
AP Chemistry Portfolio Template


Using a standards based portfolio is a great way to make students take responsibility for their own learning. Plus they will have an excellent resource to review when exam time comes.

Thanks Ms. Wood!


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