Wordle Word Clouds

Words are powerful. Research has shown that the number of words children hear on a daily basis is correlated to the education level of their parents and has a profound impact on their literacy skills. The 32-Million Word Gap is one of many articles describing this effect.

We, as educators, try to expose our students to as many words as possible. Word walls are one popular way to do this. www.wordle.net has provided a free way to spice up your word walls. Copy and paste text into the Create section of their website and prepare to be amazed. Wordle arranges the words in an artistic fashion allowing you to make changes to colors, fonts, and text orientations.

Wordle is a great way to post a vocabulary list, introduce a topic, or make an impact about a theme. Whole articles can be pasted into the Wordle editor. Below is a Wordle I created related to STEM Education.

 Quick. Easy. Effective.

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