Nearpod: Interactive Presenations

When it comes to presentation apps, Nearpod is in a class of its own. Anyone with an iPad, computer, or Android device can log in to your interactive presentation.

The creator of the presentation can control participants screen as long as they are logged in to the app. Participants can take poles, quizzes, view slides, view videos, and even draw responses. The creator has the option of sharing an individuals responses with the other participants.

This is an excellent app for classroom lessons, conference calls, and leading professional developments. One great feature of the app is that it shows you how many people are logged in to your presentation. This allows teachers to be aware of how many students are on the correct screen.

A few notes about the app:
  • The free version limits you to small presentations and allows 30 participants to view a presentation at once. Upgrading to the full version allows larger presentations, more participants, and unlocks a few extra features.
  • Presentations have to be created on a computer but can be delivered using a tablet.
  • Slides can be created in PowerPoint, saved as a PDF, and then uploaded to Nearpod. Nearpod will convert the PDF into slides in the necessary format.
  • The full version of the app has a homework feature where students go through presentations at their own pace. Teachers receive reports of each student's assignment. 
  • To create a Nearpod account, go to

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